Surgical Skills Course

The popularity of Postgraduate (PGT) Courses have shown growing interest in practical training. Participants of the previous PGT courses constantly are asking for specific course designed to learn practical surgical skills. We believe that such Surgical Skills Course would improve the practical skills of young surgeons and would lead to more professional treatment of the patients. 


Upcoming courses:

The second surgical skills course „ EDS Surgical Skills Course 2017“ will be in Kaunas, Lithuania on November 3-4th, 2017. 

The program of the course was meticulously revised, considering the feedback from the participants of the 1st EDS SSC – the trainees as well as the trainers. This resulted in expanding and elaborating exercises to gain and improve your surgical skills in open and laparoscopic approach, to obtain some experience with ultrasound guided interventions.


Previous courses:

Together with our partner in Lithuania – Lithuanian Association of Surgeons (LCHA) we have organized the 1st Surgical Skills Course in Kaunas, Lithuania from September 15th-16th, 2016. The main aim of this residential Course designed for residents of surgery and young fellows in training within 5 years of ending residency were:

- Improvement of surgical skills (suturing, laparoscopic skills)

- Practical skills of emergency ultrasonography

- Introduction to the principles of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)




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